• Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday,  (5:00pm-8:00pm EST)

  • High School & Above

  • $300

Before Masterclass

  • Students submit a brief song that showcases range and who they are

    • Submission due 1 week prior to 1st day of Masterclass

  • Students receive an audition cut (Music, Accompaniment, and Plunk) to prepare for 1st day

Day 1, Tuesday: Song

  • Starts with a full class discussion: reviewing basics of Materials (H/R) and Etiquette

  • Each student will have the opportunity to work on the performance of their song.


Day 2, Wednesday: Song 

  • Each student will have another opportunity to work on the performance of their song

  • This is where we expand on the ideas we discussed on Day 1


Day 3, Thursday: Audition

  • The students will present their song as if they were auditioning for a show

  • We will offer feedback and provide our own evaluations and recommendations